Cervical Erosion and Cervical Ectropion Symptoms Treatment

Bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy may also come from abnormalities or diseases of the cervix. Cervical erosion is a particular type of very superficial ulceration that occurs on the neck of the womb either before or very often during early pregnancy. It may occasionally become infected and give rise to a rather profuse yellowish, and sometimes irritating. In teens it is common because the glandular epithelium has not fully receded under the chronic acidity of the fluids after menses start.

A cervical erosion may bleed but this is usually very slight and may only be a stain. It seems that cells on the cervix become columnar when there is a lot of the hormone oestrogen around. Therefore ectropion is most common in women on the contraceptive pill and during pregnancy.

However, a cervical erosion does not usually bleed, unless it has become infected. It is not treated during pregnancy although, when it becomes infected, local treatment with cream or pessaries is usual. A normal cancer smear test will confirm that this is nothing to worry about.

Symptom of Cervical Erosion

  • cervical eversion, pseudoeversion secondary to DES adenosis
  • Between menstrual periods
  • Discharge (clear or yellowish mucus)

Causes of Cervical Erosion

Cervical erosion may be caused by:

  • chemicals (spermaticidal contraceptive creams or foams, douches)