Women's Health Guide

Most pregnant women suffer at times from a number of very minor complaints. The majority of these are not significant but an occasional symptom could be of importance. Our site sets out a list of some common minor complaints and occasional complications, their appropriate treatment, and when medical advice should be sought after. It is well to state at the beginning that the majority of symptoms and complaints listed are in fact of no real significance. Complaints such as headache, stuffy nose, constipation, tiredness or backache occur equally in non-pregnant people, but in pregnancy their very presence may cause worry and anxiety.

Our site is devoted to facilitating the prevention of diseases in women as a multi-faceted disorder problem with the intestines. Horror stories have no place in modern maternity care. Pregnant women are often hit by stories, which are grossly exaggerated from their supposed friends, well-wishers and relations, about some of the complications, symptoms and complaints of pregnancy. Some of these conditions are mentioned here and it is hoped that by referring to them, pregnant woman will be reassured of their significance or lack of importance.

Inevitably there is some overlap between different diseases, especially when discussing such common symptoms as headache and nausea. Repetition cannot be avoided if a reasonable explanation is to be given about symptoms that might occur at any stage during pregnancy or after delivery. Having a child is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in a women's life, especially if she and her partner have the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what pregnancy involves.

In this site importance has been given to a long list of minor complaints, whereas very little is said about such things as prolonged labor and difficult deliveries. This is because these latter complications are now comparative rarities and attention has been directed to and will be increasingly focused upon, those minor complaints or ailments of pregnancy which make the life of the pregnant woman less comfortable and happy than it might otherwise be. It is hoped that after reading these pages the expectant mother will feel reassured about insignificant symptoms and will also appreciate warning complaints and seek medical advice for the necessary treatment.